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Recurrent cough?

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kaismama 4 Aug 2012

We need a little more info before we can offer any answer.

sheentarsis 4 Aug 2012

iam apparently normal for past 8yrs,slowly develops joint pains,migrating from joints to joints.after 2ys diagnose with rheumatic am with prophylaxis with pentids 400.will this give full eradication of this disease?.past 2 yrs am suffer with recurrent tonsillitis.

kaismama 4 Aug 2012

Is the pentids for the tonsillitis? Do you have septic arthritis? Pentids is an antibiotic.

Inactive 4 Aug 2012

Hello sheentaris, If its aggravating you enough to ask a question about it might be serious and so time to see a doctor. Regards, pledge

ukliz 4 Aug 2012

Hi sheentarsis, I don't know if this will help at all but when I saw that you were suffering form a cough that keeps coming back, I wanted to tell you that not so long ago I developed a cough that keeps coming back and the only drug that has helped me is a drug called Benzonatate (Tessalon Perles) it is so worth a try if nothing else works. I just have to take it as needed now, but was taking 100mg three times a day and it worked like a dream for me. Good luck and take care, Liz.

Inactive 5 Aug 2012

Hello sheentarsis, you need to add more info to your question. Do you take a blood pressure med or anything new? Do you have a cold? Please hit the comment button & add more info so we can help you...

endlessPred 5 Aug 2012

The most effective cure for tonsillitis is to have the tonsils removed. The older you are the more dangerous the surgery. This is because of potential heavy bleeding and hemorrhages. When successful the tonsillitis ends.

Rheumatic fever is serious and often ends up with heart disease as well later in life. the only way you can be sure you have healed well is to see a doctor. With chronic infections in the nose and throat, it is easy to also have a pneumonia. Because of all the things you have going, please see a physician as soon as you can. Your lungs, throat, sinus, lymph nodes and blood need to be checked for a start.

My mom had rheumatic fever as a child. Back when there was no cure. She had very difficult problems later. Good health care will save you from more problems. Please tell us more about all your meds and such. Let us know what your physocian says, too. Wishing you wellness soon. free discount card

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