I became septic about 5 months ago. The first indicator was vision, every thing became slanted. I thought it was vertigo. Called my doctor, he could get me that day but not for 7 hours. I walked to my bedroom to lay down and noticed I was having trouble walking. I finally made it to my appointment, they had to get a wheelchair for me. Sweating profusely, low BP, white counts off the charts. Was transferred to larger hospital. Was unable to walk or speak at this point. I was hospitalized 5 days. Went home with a walker. Also I had a problem with involuntary head movements, twisting and jerking. Anybody have this? I have discovered that I am totally exhausted all the time. My short term memory is a mess, reading is almost impossible and spelling is incredibly difficult. I go to see a neurologist on Thursday to see what can be done. The involuntary head movements started coming back almost 2 weeks ago. I can't imagine being like this permanently. I don't leave my house because of the head movement. I desperately need and want help. I am so glad I found this forum, I thought I was going crazy.