this past year during a pregnancy in which I had extreme hypernemisis and was getting iv fluids every 24 hours my veins collapsed and I needed a picc line. The line got infected after 4 weeks and I went septic. After 3 weeks in the hospital I went on to complet my pregnancy and delivered via emergency c section at 28 weeks due to poor kidney function. I am now 9 months post partom and had not stoped bleeding since the baby was born. I had a planed hysterectomy planed but my appendix burst before my surgery and it turned into an appendectomy instead. After 6 weeks recovery from that I went in for my hysterectomy and it went smoothly. 3 days in the hospital and I was home recovering. Two weeks later I started to spike fevers of 101.5 and just was feeling weak and shaky and was still passing blood and infection looking discharg vaganaly. My husband took me to the hospital and they drew blood and sent me home. They called the next day and said I had a serious sepsis infection and to get into the hospital as soon as possible. When I got in they hooked me up to IV anabiotic's and they noticed the discharge was also coming out of my incisions. They tested it and it came back positive for MRSA. After a week they sent me home on oral anabiotic's for the Mrsa and sepsis. I am still vaginally passing infection and having fevers. I have gone back into the hospital and they sent me home saying there is no explanation for my fevers. I feel overwhelmed and like there is something wrong that I am missing. I have multiple kidney stones but they are not causing me Hydro so they do not believe that is the problem. After recovering from a hysterectomy and appendectomy and sepsis and Mrsa in less than three months maybe it is normal for me to feel so sick still… I am just worried about missing something. My mind feels fuzzy and my husband says I can't carry normal conversations. My anxiety and depression is through the roof . I need help