Hello - I have been using Tramadol as prescribed for over 3 years with increased dosage. In the last year at least I was prescribed 300 mg/day. For most of this year I supplemented w/o prescription to 600 mg/day. I have noticed increased pain with no change in MRI on my back. I obviously am building a huge tolerance but I think it goes beyond that to increased pain sensibility. I was experiencing what I now know to be withdrawal symptoms between doses.

I asked my Dr. to give me something other than Tramadol and he gave me a low dose of Vicodin. I started out just switching which was hell due to withdrawal. I started rotating and tapering down the Tramadol. I am now down to 200 mg/day Tramadol and 10 mg Vicodin which is a huge reduction. Withdrawal symptoms are there but fairly minimal at this point. I think this system is working for me (no haters please).

My question is: is there heightened withdrawal when all opioids have left your system? My goal, of course, is to stop use altogether. If I taper use of Tramadol (with or without vicodin), will that ease the phase I & II withdrawal symptoms I'm reading about that are are supposed to begin when all opioid use is done.

I'm just scared that it will get worse before it gets better. Any advise or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks