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Recommend top rated OTC sleeping aid for insomnia?

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Packard2046 14 Mar 2014

The best OTC sleep aid and I"ve tried them all is a product called SLEEP MD it contains melatonin and Valerian both aid in sleeping. It is a little pricey, your best bet would be a prscription sleep aid. There are also several anti-depressents that work well for insomnia ( Doxipin, Elavil, trazadone ) and are not habit forming. I wish you luck in getting relief. Packard2046

jabral 15 Mar 2014

Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried MANY muscle relaxants & am currently on them now, unfortunately none of these help w/ my insomnia. In my history, I've taken different prescribed sleep aids. I was on ambien for many years but haven't been on it for approx 1 yr. I had some bad experiences with the Rx (& it possibly just didn't work for me anymore) & I opted to try OTCs but I've found none that help me @ all. I've spent a lot of $ with the OTC option, therefore I thought I would try to seek support. I plan on trying the Melatonin, but as of present I'm @ a standstill until I can get some other suggestions. I'm so exhausted anymore as I go 2-3 days without sleep until I finally crash but in the meantime it's taking a toll on my health. Thanks for any & all your help. Hopefully this problem can be resolved sooner than later. Thanks again! free discount card

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