About two weeks ago I was weaned off Abilify 7.5 MG to 2 MG after a week. I now take Wellbutrin 150 MG in the Abilifys place and Cymbalta 60 MG x2 a day. Lately I have been feeling very sick and I don't quite know if this is all connected.

My current symptoms are, slight drepression (crying a little more than usual), aggitation, nausea, and I get abnormally hot and sweaty at times. Last night I barely slept because my stomach was bothering me a lot and I have developed a cough too. Again, I don't know if my meds or going off the Abilify have anything to do with these symptoms... I am more concerned about the nausea as I have a fear of throwing up.

I am going to see my prescribing doctor today by the way.