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Recently thyroid surgery, have large knot in back upper part of leg,pain to the back of the knee?

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mpvt 18 Jan 2010

are you going to therapy for the leg???

clarkge1 18 Jan 2010

Not yet, go to dr next week, scared of it being a blood clot

mpvt 18 Jan 2010

go down to your local emerg and have it looked at. Have you called the surgeon and told him/her???

clarkge1 18 Jan 2010

No I thought I pulled a muscle, but the knot does not go away, The pain is from my upper bck part of my leg and stops at the back of the knee. Back of knee extremely painful. I have someone massage it for me put it is very painful when they try to rub it out.

mpvt 18 Jan 2010

i would get that looked at asap. I doubt it's a clot but i'm not a doctor. Go to emerg and get an answer to at least put your mind to test... Good luck..Dave

itsmetoo2 19 Jan 2010

Do not rub it, as it just might be a blood clot. You need to go to the ER now. Better safe than sorry. Blood Clots can kill, there are ways to disolve the clot.

missy2 19 Jan 2010

why are you writing and not driving to the er like most everyone said it could be a blood clot and we like having you on this site to talk with they can fix you right up best of luck and i'll say a special prayer that your already there receiving treatment and your out of pain. missy2 free discount card

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