The PM doctor that I have seen a few times for injections finally talked me into switching to him as my new PM Doc. It is always a scary decision to make but during my visits he insisted that I should have better pain control and I strongly agreed!

This change happened almost 3 weeks ago. So far the 2 changes he made was he took me off Opana ER 40 mg 2 times a day and put me on 37 mcg Fentanyl Trans Patch every 3 days (1 patch is 25 mcg and 1 patch is 12 mcg). The second change was he took me off Norco 10/325 1-2 tabs every 6 hours max of 8 a day and put me on Percocet 10/325 1 tab every 4 hours max of 6 a day.

He did say we may need to increase the patch a little in the future and he also said the Percocet should work much better than the Norco because it is 30% stronger. Oh and he also added Topamax 50 mg 3 times a day which he sais is for seizures and migraines but might help take off some weight I put on from my Lyrica and Steroids.

My questions are... Although he said we "might" need to increase the dose of Fentanyl a little in the future, it seems to be a great decrease to me? I tried a few conversion charts but I became confused converting from mg to mcg. Could someone convert for me... Daily dose of Opana ER 80 mg to Fentanyl? My pain level has not been under control for the last year and I feel I took a huge step backwards!

Next question... I went from being able to take 2 Norco's 10/325mg at a time every 6 hours to 1 Percocet 10/325mg every 4 hours. He told me it would be 30 % stronger but not when I only take 1 compared to 2 correct? Or am I missing something? I have bottles of Norco left over from a little here and a little there so I have taken a few during horrible pain or to try to get a little sleep which I plan to be honest and tell the PM Doc but I'm now starting to regret the switch! I don't see him until May 5th and I tried to get in earlier but they said he isn't in the office until then so I'm stuck waiting it out. =(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!