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I recently started losing motor control in my limbs. What is the most likely cause based on meds?

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Stephen Treloar 30 May 2014

I think you need to provide information about the medications you are referring too. It could be a number of things starting from a simple vitamin B12 issue and/or folate (folic acid) deficiency to serious side effects from? You will have to tell us as your question is ungrouped (we cannot infer anything). This is important as it could be quite serious.

Att Moderators. I feel the detail question needed to be asked. Delete if you need to.

kaismama 30 May 2014

You're right, its impossible to give any kind of intelligent answer without enough info.

DzooBaby 30 May 2014

You need too see your Dr to be sure that nothing neurological is going on. free discount card

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