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I have only recently spopped drinking. Has anyone taken pristiq after recently stopping alcohol?

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tlcandmore 28 May 2012

Hi Knotty,
Welcome to the site. I'm sorry no one has answered your question. If you have stopped drinking alcohol it shouldn't be a problem but I'm not a doctor. My hubby takes Pristiq with no problems but he wasn't a heavy drinker. My best advice is to talk to your doctor. Hope this helps.
Your friend -Terri-

Blue36 8 Aug 2017

I'll throw in my 2 cents even though I seen this was asked 5 years ago. As mentioned already, I'm neither a doc and would ask one about this. Me- personally, I'm a heavy beer drinker. If you've recently stopped, there shouldn't be an issue. I always do things in life that are frowned upon and told not to do. With that being said, I have mixed the two and I'm still alive. Doesn't mean you will be though. From what I read, it could intensify the effect. 3 beers would have the effect of 6, so limit yourself. I'm not encouraging mixing these at all as many are accidentally over dosed combing prescriptions/ alcohol but from the sounds of your post.. I think your ok. Limit yourself and talk to doc. free discount card

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