I have recently been prescribed Prozac 20mg (1 pill In the morning for a week then 2 pills in the morning) and Robaxin 500mg ( every 8 hours for 3 days then as needed). Does this combo work for anyone? I have never heard of taking this for fibro pain. I've been on it for two days and I can't even function for being so sleepy. It's almost as if I've taken too many narcotics or something. I can't keep my eyes open. I was wondering will this go away or do I have this to look forward to all the time? I'm hoping it will decrease once my 3 days on the muscle relaxers are over. Also, I'm prescribed tramadol for migraines. It's the only thing that helps them. It's my miracle drug. But it shows an interaction with the Prozac. The same doctor prescribed them both to me. Should I be worried or just trust the doctors judgment? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!