It isn t possible for it to be an STD because he has only ever had one sexual partner and she was tested before they got together and the tests were negative. Not only does she not have anything, but they continued sexual activity after it started showing up and she doesn t have it. They have thought about it maybe being a skin irritation from the condoms, but he isn t allergic to latex. They have also thought of it possibly being the spermicide in the condoms or maybe some kind of skin disorder or rash.

Here is his description of the irritation:

It starts looking like a pimple, then it scabs, and the scab keeps getting a little bigger. There s no pain, no odor, no blood, no discoloration. It just really itches right around the scab. And what the scab is made of is that clear fluid that makes all scabs. I haven t had any discharge and there is only one on my shaft near my pubes. Looks like a pimple, top turns into a scab, and the the scab keeps growing. When I d put neosporin on it it would go away over time.

Does anyone have an idea as to what this could be?