Hi, I was recently diagnosed with general anxiety. I have had it for over 10 years but just recently reassessed my situation. When it first started years ago I was put on Valium which was okay and also Lexapro which screwed me up really bad and i haven't visited a Dr since due to being scared of what they would put me on next..
Well recently i scheduled an appt since it has been acting up and was put on Paxil (which im not sure about yet..) and also Klonopin, .5mg twice a day (morning and night) and it is working great during the day, i mean really great. I am able to leave the house and have conversations i normally wouldn't. Its wonderful. But... at night time i dont feel it working as much and it doesn't seem to allow me to fall asleep(constant restless thinking), also it's giving me a really sore throat every time i wake up.
My question is: Do you think the doctor would be willing to give me something different for night time similar to Klonopin that will help me sleep, keep my anxiety at bay, and not give me a sore throat?
Also will my Dr still let me keep my Klonopin during the day which has worked wonders for me so far? or will he switch me entirely so ill be on one medication?
Thanks im just looking for some insight so i know how to explain to my Doc whats going on without sounding stupid..