Ive had irregular periods for a long time recently was diagnosed wit PCO doc started me on bc an metformin..took bc for 1 mo and was on the metformin for 3 mo @ the lowest dose doc said it would help me conceive.me an my husband are ready to start a family now..well now i havent had a period in a lil over 6mo(that includes the time while i was on bc an metformin) longest time w/o. started me on provera still no period(10mg for 5 days)an it been a lil over a week now.. a pregancey test(urine) says neg.. whats going on??? lost and confused+desperate to have a baby... answers or suggestions PLEASE am i alone in this struggle or is it just me??? does metformin help??are side affects normal with the provera??? side effects of provera are missed or irregular periods why would the doc start me on something that could give me the side affet of the same problem we are trying to fix???