hello im a mother of 5 beatiful girls..i have been dx with major depression for the last 10yrs. put on antidepressant but the never seen to work... (paxil,effexor, zolft) but last wk.Dr. talk 2 me abt. lithium..really scared ... currently doing k.just really hostile and angry 1 min. and ok the next dont even understand y i get so angry... anyway Dr. said to start lithium before i go into a manic phase... last 1 i had was in june this yr..i left my Dr,s office.ended up in mexico really manic then got severely depressed try to kill my self..but god was watching over me... finally came to my sences came home soso depressed i try to commint suicide again but the lord has a different plan 4 me..had to go in the hospital..