stress and anxiety. My BP has been fine. I went through all tests, I am healthy, and my heart is healthy. My doctor is treating me for anxiety. Mean while, the hospital sent me home with Metoprolol, probably because I am a female and in my 50's. It gave me side effects of lightheadness, headache, ear ringing, nervousness, even though I've only taken it for 16 days. My doctor stated I do not need to be taking this and I can stop taking it gradually. The first four days they had me on 50 mg. twice a day, then the next 5 days 50 mg. once a day, then the next 5 days 25 mg. I am on my last couple of days. Was just wondering if anyone has had an experience like this and on metoprolol for a short time. How long did it take to start feeling better after stopping it. Thanks.