... rash that appeared when I was 24 and now it's spread to 5 different patches. It's been 6 years and doctors have pushed it off and said it was just a rash and no one has ever really taken an interested in it. It hasn't appeared like the normal lymphoma, It's just red patches of skin, they don't itch hurt or burn. I have found 2 amazing doctors who have finally found the answers. Now they feel as if I'm ready to take the next step in treatment and start. They have given me 3 different options. 1 is a steroid cream 2 a narrow band UVB light and 3 is the radiation therpy. I'm not gonna lie and say that this scares me it's cancer. I'm very lucky that it's only been isolated to my skin. I'm just looking for someone to talk with to see what they have tried and how they reacted to different forms of treatment. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you may have