... always uncertain whether the diagnosis is correct. I originally went to Cleveland clinic and was diagnosed with possible occipital nerve irritation, migraines, vestibular disorder, underlie issues of cervicalgia. Two doctors have thrown in possible thoracic outlet. I then got into a appointment I had waited on for 4 months with a otoneurologist at OSU. He diagnosed me with cervical dystonia. He is also sending me to a doctor to rule out the thoracic outlet. He doesn't feel I have that. It makes sense to me because I had been through 2 rounds of PT and massage therapy and it never held. My neck and shoulders are so painful. The doctor in Cleveland put me on gabapentin for the occipital nerve irritation. I stayed on it 3 weeks and stopped it on my own. Things got worse after that in the occipital area. I have went back on it. I have a couple questions. My initial symptom when starting this was a dizziness (swaying feeling) not rotational. That led me to the ENT and then neck pain started weeks into that. I haven't heard much when researching mentioned about the swaying/dizzy feeling. Do others of you experience that? I am awaiting a PT consult with a someone who specializes in this. I also have a appointment a month from now to discuss BOTOX. I wasn't keen on the idea, but at this point I have to do something. It is really affecting my quality of life. I have also became very depressed I believe to the constant pain and dizziness. I am a very active person and my life is not as I knew it. Can anyone offer suggestions to get me through this period. I would like to hear about anyone with the dizziness