hi I have recently been diagnosed with boarderline personality disorder. brief outline of my life. I was put into care at the age of 13. due to what I was told to be a out of control teenager. I am 41 now and have my only child in care. following a domestic abusive relationship. my child is aged two. I am waiting for final hearing to hopefully get my son returned. I have been in counselling since last year and up until then had no recollection of my childhood. recently this has been unfolding and I believe I was sexually abused and am trying to piece everything together. I believe this is why I was such a angry teenager.

please if anyone can shed some light on bpd it would be helpful. I believe I do not have bpd but post traumatic stress disorder. due to my childhood. it states that in order to be bpd you should suffer five or more syptoms. I do not. syptoms I have suffered have been anger, and low self esteem.

can family court deny the return of my son due to a mental illness that I believe I do not have bpd.

thanks any information would be so helpful