I may be a good candidate for spinal surgery in the cervical and lumbar regions but said he could not be of any help to me and wished me well with my chronic backpain..I was not seeking surgery(I am grateful for the one I've had that have as they were successful) but I was hopeful to discuss other options with this Specialist.
So tomorrow, I see my Primary and I'm planning to ask about these other options I've read into. I would so appreciate any and all info from our community here(best experts ever!) To preface this inquiry, I've had huge anxiety over all the nerve testing because to me it is agony. What are your takes on epidural shots, I believe there are other shots beside the cortizone(could you share what their called) and how do they work, the electrical stimulator, and this may be the same thing but what are the pros and cons of aTENS unit? Also, what am I missing as possible treatments options other then jumping to surgery and increased narcotic meds?
I've read about the 'watchful waiting' period when you work with you doc (& pt, i couldn't function without him!) and I've tried almost everything on the list except acupuncture which I'm fearful it would cause a fibromyalgia flare-up afterwards(I've read that can be a real possibility) massage and chiropractic have both done the same. I don't want to appear pushy with my doc, just proactive because my quality of life is in sad shape when my body is.
Any opinion is appreciated, thank you kindly for your time reading this.