I actually read all of these reviews from this particular website while waiting for my prescription to be filled. I was extremely happy / relieved to see all of the positive reviews!! PMDD has been soul crushing, for me, so the reviews brought great joy! However, last night me & my partner got intimate & I noticed as (TMI) he was going down on me & had been down there for awhile (15 min or more), I was getting little to NO feeling from it, physically, which in 3 years, has NEVER been an issue. After that, we kind of just didn't go any further as that was a major downer for the mood. Today, I researched sexual side effects & "genital anesthesia" was a HIGHLY common side effect!! Here's my thing, can I really tell after ONE pill if that was the cause? My concern, TONS of people ( both gender ) said even years after stopping fluoxetine (Prozac), their libido & genital sensation has still not returned. I know I should talk to my Dr but I want to know if anyone here has experienced this. I'm torn between, sex & helping my severe PMDD!!! Help!