Dear Sir

I had first surgery of Inguinal hernia in Feb 2007. It was carried out be a Urologist although friends told me not to go to a Urologist instead advised to go to a General Surgeon. Any how surgery was performed. The operation looked fine and my body returned to original shape.By the way no mesh was used. The hernia again returned after about 4.5 5 years and increased to quite a size by now recently.

I gain went for a surgery ; this time by a general surgeon. He operated under local anesthesia.I came home and now resting and have to be re-examined in a day or two. This time a propylene mesh was used. what I see this time that right scrotum where hernia emerged did not return to normal. By any standard it is still quite large compared to left scrotum. I am uneasy about it. What is now in right scrotum when the hernia has been pushed back.

I will be grateful if I could be advised about it