On about August 27-September 1st, my boyfriend and I were having sex, and the condom broke. He was not all the way in but I know even if he is close to my private there is a risk of pregnancy. I am not on birth control. We quickly went to the pharmacy and picked up Plan b one step. I took it about 30 minutes after the broken condom ordeal. About a week later I received my period. It was 2 weeks early (September 12th) but normal in flow and color and lasted 6 days. I know that plan b is known to mess with periods and induce an early one. On September 30th I had an anxiety attack due to a personal issue and stress in my life. Shortly thereafter (1-2 hours) I felt a rush of liquid and it was brown/ tan in consistency. This has been on going for about 3 days and seems to thicken as time passes and is at some points very dark and stretchy. This is also in place of my regular period time that would come. I have also noticed bloating, gas, and cramps, but no other symptoms. I am having severe parranoia about being pregnant, I can't sleep, eat, or think straight, as well as stress from other aspects of my life.
Could I be pregnant, or am I just to anxious?