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Receivd blood work back. Dr didn't say anything about my thyroid but hair falls out. Thanks?

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kaismama 16 Jun 2013

Did they do a TSH and if so what was it?

Inactive 16 Jun 2013

Idk gonna ask him that's a good question thanks

kaismama 16 Jun 2013

it should be between 0.3-3

criccy 16 Jun 2013

You may have a underactive thyroid. Are you tired a lot? Usually you hair falls out, fatigue,and excessive weight gain. Usually about 15-25lbs in a month or two. Why didn't your Dr. say anything about your blood work? What the heck is he waiting on?

Inactive 16 Jun 2013

No I'm losing weight and he said nothing. My red blood count cell is high so gotta quit smoking now. He wants all medical records

Inactive 16 Jun 2013

Yes also tired and losing weight. Thanks

Lisa01 16 Jun 2013

Your hair also goes through a natural "shedding" process about every 7 years or so. Stress and/or emotional distress can exacerbate this. Males aren't the only ones that experience hair thinning or loss. Have you seen a doctor about the problem?

Inactive 16 Jun 2013

Yes lisa had blood work and I forgot to ask him about hair loss. Going to call tomm and have lots of stress weight loss and fatigue.
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