I have read with a lot of interest the posts, blogs, sites, etc. about taking Harvoni and what to expect (or hopefully not to expect) from it. Currently I’m on the ramp prior to actually taking it and I’ve found all of these communications to be very insightful.
I’m heartened by the testimonies of folks who have or are going through it and not having any truly debilitating side effects. So good luck to all and I really hope that everything is good from here on out.

As for me, luckily, I’ve had absolutely no disturbances from my HCV, so I’m planning on taking the Harvoni to do two things mainly:
To, of course, rid my body of the virus
And in the past in prescribing other medications my Drs. have circumvented what might’ve been their first choices for something else that didn’t work in the liver or not to have an effect on the Hep. itself. So I’m hoping to circumvent those kind of choices in the future.
Although I’ve had discussions with various Drs. and heard their feelings about it, both pro and con, I would love to hear anything that might occur to the person “on the street” concerning this reasoning.
I’m asking not because I can’t make up my mind about it, I already have, but because I’m more than willing to listen, even after the fact, to what others think.