Hi everyone! I'm a welder and pipe fitter so my work is very physical. I was in a terrible car accident two years ago and have suffered from neck and back pain every since! My Dr. says I could eventually end up in a wheelchair. I'm prescribed 30mg Oxycodone 6 x a day and Gabapentin 300 mg 2 x a day. My weekends are usually spent in misery after working all week. When this happens my Oxycodone seems useless. Would it be a reasonable request to ask for Fentynal patches as a breakthrough med for when this happens? I just don't want to raise red flags and lose everything. My mother in law gave me one of hers one weekend on a family outing when she seen I was unable to have any fun due to my pain. She gave me a 100 Fentynal patch and it worked unbelievably well. Please someone advise me how and if I should ask my Dr. Thanks for reading!