I had my son 2+ years ago. I got on the Mirena IUD 2 months after her was born and was on it almost period-free for 6 months. I started to bleed again and would get periods that last 2+ weeks (I would only go about one week in between them.) I felt as though it was also affecting my moods so I switched to Nuva Ring three months ago (side note--I was on Nuva Ring before my son was born for 2 years and had perfectly regular cycles for 5 days every 28 days from the get-go.) Since I switched to Nuva Ring, I have bled almost every single day with the exception of a few wonderful days. The bleeding is light to moderate. However, I get slightly heavy bright red blood after exercising and orgasm. A strange twist to this, my breasts seem to have grown or become significantly fuller in the last 1-2 weeks. I am very tired of bleeding every day and just want a normal cycle again. The bleeding after the above activities also has me concerned. I would love some advice as to what I should do--switch birth control methods, completely stop them for an amount of time and use condoms with my husband, or get tests done by my gyno for any reason(s). Any advice is greatly appreciated... thank you!