I'm currently wanting to get off of soboxon. I have a really good support system. I'm suffering from every side effect there is. I call my dr and they say, "oh Ill call you back. I hate my days and I hate my nights. I'm active in outpatient and NA. My dr is worried about me relapsing. of course i am. But i just recently came out in the open about the reason why I wanted to get on them. I don't no how it feels to be off of a pill. What sucks is that I have to take a sleeping pill. Im very depressed. I want off of it now. I already feel like im going through withdrawls. I just want this feeling to stop. I have anxiey all day long. I cant get into my drs. Oh! Ya! I have three of them. Im doing my old behaviors all over again. Im tired of it. So tired im just ready to stop the soboxon on my own! Ive cut it way back!I have been waiting until my drs appt. ive weighed out the pros and cons. It has taken me 3 weeks to think about it and I came up with the conclusion to get off!