I've been in a deep depression since coming off cymbalta last Dec. I was only on it for four months. Cymbalta caused me a lot of problems. I had a very bad reaction to the medicine. My depression along with my anxiety are so bad that it makes me cry a few times a day. My doctor recently put me on Zoloft. Started very low now I'm up to 100mg. I've been on Zoloft for five weeks. I don't feel it's helped me at all' yet. I also want to share that I'm not feeling so well on the Zoloft. I'm very anxious and I have a very weird feeling through my body. I just totally don't feel good. I've had many suicidal thoughts since i've been on Zoloft. Can anyone get me any advice on this drug? I'm starting to get very nervous thinking maybe it's the wrong medicine for me. Or perhaps I have to give it more time? I'd appreciate any advice. By the way - I am currently going through the treatment of TMS. I'm putting all my faith that the TMS treatment will work! Thanks everyone