I remember you coming to another forum I am a member of awhile back. We did speak a few times on there but that was before I started suboxone. I remember you saying how you have helped hundreds successfully taper off of sub. I have been on sub for 6 months and am more than ready to taper. I am still on a pretty hefty dose still at 16mgs a day because I have been following my doctors orders. Could you please let me know that best way to go about tapering off? I am so sick of having to rely on a pill. My use started due to back pain the led to surgery. After a few years of taking as prescribed my use got out of control. I quit numerous times on my own but only to relapse. I finally decided to get on suboxone. I feel sub has saved my life but feel I am ready to get off. I haven't craved an opiate for over 3 month and never want to go back there!
Could you please help me get a plan in place to taper off. I'm not gonna lie, I am nervous about the withdrawals. I'm not so much nervous about the discomfort as much as not having the energy or motivation to continue on with daily activities. Since starting sub I went from being so unmotivated to finally getting back to my busy life. Sub gave me all of that back.I'm a busy body and would love to be able to taper and keep it that way! I know I will have to sacrifice some and am willing to do so but would love to be able to taper and still keep up on daily activities.
Any help you can offer will be priceless!!
Thank you for you time!