So let me ask this question; Will it help me? I am 24 years old and have been on the pill (Alesse) since I was 14. If I had any side effects from going on the pill, I don't remember because it was 9 years ago.I do know that when I was on the pill, I had effortless periods that lasted 4-5 days, minimal PMS, very little bloating prior to my cycle, and only got acne while I was PMS'ing. That's what I knew for the last nine years. I stopped taking the pill this year in March to give my body a break. However, 2 weeks after doing this, I started to break out really bad, so I decided that I'd go back on the pill. I switched brands though. I tried Seasonelle.. what a HUGE mistake. It made me have insane mood swings, I gained 13 pounds in 3 weeks (most of which was water I'm sure), and it did nothing for my acne. I'm sure that BC works for other women, but not me. I came off of it after only taking it for 17 days. I remained on no BC for the next month until I discovered that my bf was moving back from Australia. Knowing we were going to be having sex, I then went back on the pill, this time, it was Alesse, the one I had taken for 9 years. Another mistake. The same side effects! I completed 14 days of that BC and then stopped. It is November and I have not been on any method of BC since June. My issue is this, I cannot lose weight for the life of me, I am extremely moody, I have had acne since June and cannot get rid of it, and I suffer from extreme PMS. I will bloat up to 8 pounds over night making it very uncomfortable to do anything. I have a hunch this is all due to the fact that I have irregular hormones, and I'm curious to see if Mirena will fix this. Reading on their website, Mirena does not contain Estrogen which I believe is the culprit for my increased PMS, etc. I'm hoping by going on Mirena (which so many of my friends have recommended me to do so), I will balance out my hormones and allow my body to return back to the state I was in for the last 9 years with minimal PMS, nice complexion, decreased mood swings, and shorter periods. Has anyone else had an experience like this that was fixed by Mirena? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!