I have dealt with way too many headaches>migraines over the years. I finally realized about a decade ago it was from sinuses. And I always experienced a lot of plugging before the headaches started. When punching the clock last in mid-2000's everyday I'd wake with fear this headache would turn into a migraine.

Then by wonderful chance I discovered (left blank or you'll think I'm advertising) while standing in line at the pharmacy a brown bottle that said it was mucus emulsifier. I thought what is it gonna hurt at a little over $3 a bottle. It was wonderful. This stuff greatly reduced the blockages and therefore headaches.

But sometimes the blockage would creep up on me, through negligence, the wonderful brown bottle would hardly make a dent, helpful, but only for a short time and the headaches>migraines would return.

Then after the holidays in 2016 I had these headaches for 6 weeks. I dug deeper into internet solutions and discovered irrigation. I bought a (another machine not advertising) and it was made by a noted pulse teeth cleaning company. It was wonderful and took me even more towards a nearly ZERO problem nose. Except that in most seasons, esp after the holidays maybe stuffed inside more with dust and stale air, I have to use this machine more, and was wonderful, is still great.

But now I'm reading a bunch of links that say continuded irrigation can be bad. I might use the machine 1 time a week. But I may use a syringe bulb 3 or 4 times a week, maybe everyday to get down in there and bust up and syringe out. So this is bad?

I Googled <Is sinus irrigation something pretty much everyday> and maybe you can see the links.

What is bad about this. I am very thorough about cleanups. I worked as a lab tech at one time and very familiar with contamination prevention. The Bacteria-X or the like is great stuff.

Really, is irrigation a bad thing? My sinuses do not agree!

Thanks for any info. Jack ":-Dx