I have had serious Chronic Pain Syndrome as part of a multi-diagnosis going back as far as my "failed" cervical spine fusion in 1991. LONG story. SInce Oct. of 2013 the expense, personal safety, side-effects, etc. got me asking my doctor to help me attempt other forms of long acting opiates in stead of the Oxycontin I've taken for some time. We tried Opana at my suggestion. I felt strange and it did not work well... We tried the next month, Dilaudid which I did not feel right about either. I then ask for and received a short acting Roxycodone plus a Fentanyl patch. That experiment started Feb.7th and I thought I was going to die from the pain from the 7th til the 9th. I want to alleviate as much expense, growing tolerance issues, as many side-effects as possible, and try any potential alternative that may help me possibly be at least SOMEWHAT productive in church or relationships of anykind. Can this drug be a possible alternative? Ive never abused anything, only family, church members, and select friends even know I take the drug the public thinks, due to bad press by abusers is some horrible thing. I cannot help that but am doing all I can to try to solve the above problems. Any advice?