I read an article from drugs.com today and it was describing side effects from acetaminophen that behave like a rash. they sound pretty nasty. i take it in the form of vicodin and tylenol pm when i cant sleep. i am sure most of you read my list of drugs i am now taking so perhaps its a side effect from the intake of several of them as an interaction. i have not found it. anyway, what i have noticed is that i cannot tan anymore. i used to use a tanning bed daily about ten years ago and tanned perfectly even the sun tanned me up fine. i had one spot on my right arm that was pink unless i tanned then it itched and turned tan. my doctor of course told me not to treat my skin to massive doses of sun because of this spot. well not that spot had transformed into what looks like another " age spot" (i never knew why they call them that)but the rest of me arms legs and face will not tan they just redden up and i notice red splotches instead. is this a case of me getting old? ( 51) is tylenol to blame? i just now thought of it because of the article i read. i was just blowing it off to getting older like so many of my younger years now catching up to me. im sure everybody had heard of the " your going to pay for it when you get older" lol. good health and god bless. i hope my regular advisers offer up some on this. cheers... john