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I read celexa doesn't work for over eight months on the med info section. Is this true for you?

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kaw06 23 Aug 2014

Are you sure it didn'T say eight Weeks? Most antidepressants can take eight to twelve Weeks to reach therapeutic levels.

kaismama 23 Aug 2014

I don't know where you saw that. I just read the whole professional monograph and there is nothing like that. How could they say something worked until a time frame. People would not be the same.

LouAnnP 24 Aug 2014

I initally thought that is what it was saying, but now i'm not sure.
I found this info in a different section of the website. I first went to the "find drugs a-z" on the top header. Then i clicked on "C", then look down the list and click on "Celexa." (Going this way brings you to a different part that's for doctors.) Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on "dosage info." Then read the section called "Maintenance Treatment."

LouAnnP 31 Aug 2014

now i know that they say that with all the drugs. i donot know why. maybe it just means that's the time period they tested it for. free discount card

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