I started taking lexapro for depression a couple of days ago, 10 mg and took it at night bc i read it makes most ppl sleepy. It made me absolutely wired, heart racing, panic attacks throughout the night. Felt high the next day and that weird feeling in my head people say they get.

I felt very overdosed so i talked to my doc and reduced my dosage down to 5mg and i am not having panic attacks but every once and a while little bouts of increased anxiety. Ive been on the 5mg for 4 days now and I feel completely wired still. Im talking constantly which i feel is annoying people and that they could be noticing im acting hyper. I am also getting a million things done in one day that I never got done before because i never really got out of bed. I have so much energy that I just go to the gym and walk on the tredmil bc i dont know what to do with myself. I still feel slightly high on it. I've been taking the 5mg in the morning as I now know it has this effect on me and I usually crash around 10:30 pm.

I was evaluated by the psychiatrist before going on lexapro who spent time distinguishing between bipolar and depression..but some people are saying that a hyperactive reaction to lexapro could mean bipolar. I wanted to know if anyone else has felt like this on lexapro and if the hyperactivity subsided after a couple of weeks or not?