I have been taking 3 x 1 5 mg valium per day = 15mg for the last 4 months.
I also take 1 x 30mg oxezapam for sleep at night.
I stopped taking the valium last Saturday and by Tuesday this week I felt terrible muscle aches/pains, headaches so went to Doctor and he then prescribed oxycontin 5mgs and have taken 2.5mg for past three days and it has help slightly but seems to wear off quickly.
I did not realize that I may have an addiction to valium after only 4 months and after reading on various sites now realize I have!! I also have read about the addiction to oxicontin and don't want to become addicted to these as well.
Now my question is:- should I re-instate my valium and go on a slow taper and how do I do this? I realize that oxezapam is also a benzo but need to stay on these for the present as I have always had trouble sleeping and although probably addicted to these as well need to deal with one thing at a time. I have around 100 x 5mg valium tablets left but I'm sure my DRUG DOCTOR would give me more if I needed for the long term of reducing.
Please only give me good, constructive advice as I live alone and am quite scared of this withdrawal.
Thank you