1st off please only answer if you have taken this drug for Bipolar Disorder or know a close family member that has. Yes, I have Bipolar Disorder & like many of us, have tried "tons" of meds to try & control it. (been there, done it all & at my wits end again). My Psychiatrist prescribed Carbamazepine 2 weeks ago at 200 mgs twice per day. At 1st nothing much until I had my 1st blood test at 1 week... then came the horrible side effects (that were worse than any other med I've been on & most came at night while trying to sleep). Itching so bad I was digging into my skin which became bloody & nasty looking, sweating, the horrible stomach upset & nausia (sp), bloated stomach, not being able to eat, muscle spasms at night (my muscles ALL over my body jerking while I tried to sleep the night & couldn't). I didn't sleep for 5 nights straight & finally said "screw it, I stopped taking the medication 5-6 days ago. I guess my question is, did anyone else have this experience? It has almost been 6 days now & I STILL feel all the side effects & still no sleep due too the twitching, tremures, & muscle spasms. If you have ever been on it, how long does it take to GET OUT of your system? I can't stand it anymore... pls help, thank you..