I never got to feeling well after getting a stent, though I was blessed they caught the 80% Main Artery blockage before damage to heart, and they say the heart is fine, and I'm thankful for this if they are right. In the last 3 months, my left arm aches worse than ever and left hand turns ice cold/purple across knuckles. I'm very weak in my arms especially in the morning, and I've noticed water retention in my abdomen, stiffness in neck. I've been feeling mentally different. I'll start feeling extremely agitated, like I just want to pull my hair out, so keeping eye on blood pressure when i feel like this, and my heart rate dropping to 59,usually run about 68-71. Blood pressure 109/68. I feel foggy in my thinking, I'm sweaty, and just feel awful. (I'm not on BP med) Last stress test in Nov 2010, they said it was good though I was feeling terrible. I was just in emergency room but didn't mention chest pains, but you'd think they would have ran the normal blood work a couple of weeks ago. I take Oxycontin for pain which has gotten so much worse, even in my original area, lower lumbar/hip area, and it was doing so much better but again, this last few months it's gotten so bad. I don't kwow if it's that new formula of the OC, and I'm just so overwhelmed trying to know what to do.

Anyone have any input? I do have a cervial mri tomorrow night, it's the only thing I can think to do now.