I recently read a great post provided by Robert-325 Re: A Suoxone Taper. I began a 2mg subox treatment about 3 months ago. Over this time period I manged to taper myself down to 1mg 1x day. I then began to split my dose in half, taking .5 in the am and .5 in the pm for about a week. After about a week, I began to experience classic withdrawal symptoms at night much earlier than my morning dose. As a result I began taking .5mg 1x daily in the AM 5 days ago. Last night the leg sweats were gone but I still didn't sleep well. I have the mindset to continue at .5 and was wondering how long on average I should wait before I attempt to skip days, and what I should prepare myself for feeling like once I skip a day, and if it makes any sense to skip 1 day on and off for a period of time before attempting to skip 2 days for a period of time, ultimately working myself up to skipping 4 days where it looks like I'd be in the a relatively safe zone. Any help or suggestions anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all.