Recieved E-Mail stating Endocet 10/325 was mispackaged with Endocet 10/650 combined in bottles of 100 which I purchase, looking at my prescriptions the lot # and the expiration date are the same as the mispackaged medication stating the only way you can tell is by the marking on the pills and the size I believe.It was sort of downplayed as a mixup not stating it could be dangerious especially if someone has Kidney problems or other medical conditions I don't like taking to much Tylenol for medical reasons and for some could be possibly very dangerious or fatal, my problem is I have factory bottles with the wrong medication in it being down played by manufacturer there was nothing stated what to do about the very serious problem. I depend on on this medication to help me cope with the severe pain and discomfort I have had for the past 28 years after my nearly fatal Aircraft accident. After all the tests and expermitations I have been through I do not wish that on any one. Speaking of experience I believe the manufacturer should at least take responsibility and not sweep it under the carpet as they are quiet in the habit of doing so. I will not get in to all the injuries I recieved probably dont have enough pages. fortunantely i'm not paralyzed and live a normal life but I do need my medication to function as normal as possible and do not need mistakes from pharmacutical company's leading to gross negliance.Sorry if I took your time with my true story. I do not wish this on anyone. If you have any other questions or interest don't hesitate to ask.
Screen name Frank M hope to hear from you soon.