ive used Benadryl cream and pills and hydrocortisone cream and pills multiple over counter pills/creams/anti inflammatory drugs. I work in telecommunication construction outside daily mon-fri I figured when got cooler weather it would clear but nope and still itching and trying to spread. Not my wife mother 2 kids, 4 nieces and nephews and sister or father has gotten from me this so its not contagious. Im dad of 2 and only one working and struggling cause tx weather hasn't allowed us to work lots lately and I have no insurance. I was raised a lot by sister but she is stressing cause her motherly self cant help and im in pain constantly and she is single mother of 4 n 2 ex's in prision for awhile due to their stupidity so she cant help me. Please help figure this ouT AND HEAL AND MAKE ME WELL AGAIN... MY FAMILY UPMOST NEEDS THIS FOR US ALL.