I have seen a dermatologist 2x, my PCP 2x, and three different urgent care health providers. I've been given sulfa, surface steroids, oral steroids, and Hydroxyzine. I took Benedryl on my own. The rash is itchy, bumpy and the skin uncomfortably dry though tiny pimple-like things appear, changing locations. These are the meds: Claritin 10 mg 1x, Strattera 50mg 1x, Klonipin 1mg 1x, Xanax XR 1mg 3x, Zoloft 200mg 1x, Lamictal 200mg 1x, Armour Thyroid 120mg 1x, Amitiza 24 mcg (?) 1x. I won't abruptly stop taking anything but of these, which if any could be the cause of this rash?