I’ve had Nexplanon for 4 years got my second one put in on March 2016 I never had any issues with the one from 2013-2016 well Ive never had my period whole time I was on it. I also didn’t have sex for 2 years then I got with my boyfriend in March and come June I started having bad stomach pains and cramping when having intercourse and I would bleed right after well eventually I told my boyfriend we had to stop didn’t think anything because I have 4 cyst on both ovaries so pain and bleeding was normal before I got the Nexplanon and had my daughter, but in July it was bad I called obgyn and had an appointment well needless to say I ended up in hospital before I could make the appointment because 4 days after making the appointment I fainted at work get to hospitals to find out I needed a blood transfusion because I was having a miscarriage and lost to much blood. Had I known I would have got checked sooner. Since then I have not had any intercourse (July 08,2017 last time we had intercourse before he got deployed) (miscarriage July 14,2017) and 2 weeks ago I started bleeding really heavy and watery (had to use pads and tampons while at work) so I played it off as a period I thought well now I’ll start getting my period but then it stopped 5 days later and I only was discharging brown looking stuff with little pieces in it, well that lasted about 6 days 3 days after that I started bleeding again really bad this is second day I’m bleeding and I’m wondering if anyone else has any answers and or can help me figure out what’s going on or what I should do? In July I had gotten walking pneumonia and now I have bronchitis only I started taking the antibiotics today so I know the bleeding is not from that. It’s weird both times I’m sick.