Im suffering anxiety 14 years. I take every day 0.5 clonex three times a day for the past two years. I tried few antidepressants and even mood stabilazor which all of them didn't help with my anxiety just worsened my symptoms. I have decided to try Lexapro as I don't want to continue raising my clonex. Since starting the Lexapro two months ago on ten MG with no change, I have decided to up my dose to twenty MG nine days ago. Im in pure hell of anxiety, sweating, shivering, tired etc... My depression is better since upping to twenty but the anxiety which has been there for 14 years 24/7 is high. I feel my chest hurt. I read lots of posts on webs and everyone said it's getting worse before better. But how long to suffer?! Im really about to give inn. I had such expectation from Lexapro. I really lost at this point. I say to myself every day it will be OK just hang on... But the anxiety is sky rocket I just want to stay home in bed as my body is so tired of being in anxiety 24/7. I really need someone support here.