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Can a radiologic tech become a radiologist later on ?

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Stephen Treloar 18 Jun 2017

Hi Gray, sadly you would need a medicine degree (5 years plus specialist training). Radiologists are highly trained medics that perform a host of procedures that aren't the traditional x-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound things you might expect.

Good luck choosing your career, technicians have a pretty good job.

gray strauss 18 Jun 2017

Thanks for replying to my question. but what im saying can a radiologic tech go to medical school after he gets his bachelors degree ?
if he gets high marks on his bachelors degree?

Stephen Treloar 19 Jun 2017

Absolutely yes, a lot of universities run graduate medical programs.

gray strauss 19 Jun 2017

ok great to hear it. bc my high school gpa is low so i was unable to study medicine and then specialize in i decided to go with radiologic technology and then when i get my bachelors degree i'll go to medical school and study radiology from there XD

Stephen Treloar 21 Jun 2017

Good for you, my GPA was dreadful but got into college and 6 years later I was teaching there. The sky is the limit when you are motivated; school does not inspire that feeling, college can. free discount card

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