I have just had brand name Aciphex chemical name Rabeprazole Sodium switched to a generic (not upset but when meds change appearance, I like a double verification for confirmation, lesson learned the bad way for errors).

I am unable to verify from any images or even just any place holder images with text descriptions on several websites for the new generic markings. None of the websites I normaly use seem to work and google is failing.

The pill is the almost the about same size(a little smaller) & round shape with a slightly darker color yellow color than the Aciphex (Brand) pill. The labeling is different with only M (over) 57 on one side with the back side the same darker yellow but other wise blank.
Additional info on the prescription bottle says mfg: MYL , which I'm guessing means Mylan?

After having a very serious/life threatening reaction to Aricept which looks almost identical (which was accidentally swapped by a pharmacy mistake) I'm very worried obviously.

Thank you for any help you can give. Along with any for guidance.