I just started taking Venlafax yesterday to help with the joint pain I'm having with RA. Unfortunately I have had a lot of nausea since starting. I'm wondering if the help I get from it is worth feeling like Im going to throwup all the time. Does this side effect calm in time or is the nausea always there?
I was taking Humira for about 5 years with great results until about last Oct when the aches came back. BUT I can no longer take it due to discovering cancer on my tongue last month and having part of my tongue removed (fortunately they think they got almost!). So we are looking for something to work with the Methotrexate I'm takingto replace Humira. We tried Cymbalta and I stopped because ofte nausea.
I'm willing to give Venlafax a chance, but if this nausea doesn't stop soon... And sleeplessness because of the upset stomach... I'm going to have to stop.
Thanks for your advice.