I've been treated for RA since 1991. For the past (apx) 8 yrs I've had 'skin issues". At the least, a small area of red raised bumps on my lower leg. Now it seems that my whole body is covered w/ either small little bumps or red scaly flakes that looks like a sunburn & peeling. My back looks like a heat rash (and it's winter).The skin on my feet crack & peel. (this has been treated well w/ Naftin ointment).And the last straw that made me breakdown & see a dermatologist is the nails on my left hand have now all turned thick,soft and crumble apart.
This has gotten embarrassing,frustrating and out of control! I've complained to my RA Dr and he just tells me to check w/ a derm.The derm has done all the tests & found some form of staph in one area,fungal under toe nails, ect. None of the creams or ointments seem to help at all.
Now after looking online I'm starting wonder & worry that my issues may all be due to psoriatic arthritis. My RA dr misdiagnosed me before when I had full blown Cushing's they never caught it. I have started a new treatmt (Acterma) & cutting way down on the steroids.
Could this be triggering a reaction? Or could the biologics/steroids have been keeping the psoriasis from getting out of control?
Is there any sure way to tell one from the other? Shouldn't my RA dr know
if that's what is going on? Is it possible to have both?