I have had to change Doct. Retests same I have done already and had to go all over again, still have same problems of course!! I have been taken off everything that it took years to find that worked and didn't make me feel like I was outside me looking in, or no memory of life, No Xanax (no memory)or Oxycontin (so sick hospitalized) Never again, Celebrex (nothing-no relief) Cymbalta' had a outrageous reaction to it! I thought I was going to die, so sick, blisters, eyes, mouth sores, headache, OMG! The Ulcer limits the anti inflammatorys. The Old regiment was a 40 mg Opana (pain), 10 mg valium (if need for stress), I only took it at night to get to sleep and not regularly, and for RA I have tried a couple things and the stomach did tolerate well, I did not want put on streiods... so I was put on? It was given back in the day for malaria, when the found it benefited Arthritis patients! I can barely function on this no treatment approach, I understand there is a drug addiction problem, but I have been retiaculed for the fact I had taken an opiate pain killer... I have not had that now for about a year and I am back to where I was before I started taking it, I have days I can not be a part of life because of the pain Its in my lower back it has a curvature and it Never don't hurt, I am not able to sleep thru a night! I can not have a medication that made it possible to enjoy my life and my grandkid's, You can bet the Drug Addicts, are not doing with out their drugs. If you have the kind of pain I do, you do not abuse your Medication. To me there is a huge difference between needing a medication and using drugs! When My Doctor gave a 3 month notice he was done... most Dr's. in the area didn't take new patient's, I went to a Pain Clinic, the Doctor that seen me, for nearly a hour he berated my Doctor for the choice he made in the medication and me for taking what he prescribed! What do other people take in my situation, if there is anyone else that has a similar situation? Should mention Fibromyalgia and To make it all even more confusing... The RA doc, did yet another set Of blood work up and found I had Lyme's Dease, he gave me 21 days of declacyline, I Was never rechecked and I feel the same! All these problems seemed to be Immune system Rooted problems and my level of fatigue is a real issue, I was always active, now I have the desire in thought but not able to phys do things. I was riding 10 sp every day gently and I was able to at least get going to be more active, now the Pain is just to much to get started! I pray to find a answer, I will be thankful for any input.